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Hangzhou HPWINNER Opto Corporation is committed to building a fully functional customization system for the global outdoor lighting industry. With advanced energy-saving lighting technology, it could tailor individualized solutions for an enormous variety of different outdoor lighting conditions. It is one of the very few manufacturing enterprises that provides mass customization services.

HPWINNER's Stories & Awards

HPWINNER was established in July 2011 and has grown up to a staff of over 800. The founder, Mr. Chen Kai, is listed as a Leading Technologist of the National “Ten Thousand Talents Program”, a Scientific and Technological Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent by the government, a member of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress, and an expert in the LED industry. Since its establishment, HPWINNER has been rapidly developing its business all over the world. It was titled as National High-tech Enterprise in 2014 and was successively awarded as “Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center”, “Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Research Institute”, “The Hidden Champions of Zhejiang”, “Excellent Contribution Awards on Zhejiang Standards Innovation”, “Award of Little Giant Companies with Professionalism, Meticulousness, Distinctiveness, and Novelty by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology” and other honors.


Technical Strength Of HPWINNER

In March 2018, its smart manufacturing base went into operation. Totally, the base is planned to cover a land area of 333,300 square meters, and now it has factory buildings of 90,000 square meters. Based on its self-developed platform Industry 4.0 with AI algorithm, segments of application sites, product solutions, order information, planning & scheduling, production lines, supply chain, and delivery are all connected through the database on cloud, so that HPWINNER is enabled to enjoy advantages in the industrial chain from designing, tooling, die casting, precision machining, SMT, to luminaire assembly, and to share with customers through products and services with precise customization and rapid delivery.

HPWINNER As One Of The Industrial Leaders

The company owns 679 patents, including 54 inventions. It participated in the drafting of over 110 different national, social organizational, industrial, and local standards. It is widely acknowledged as a leading enterprise in the industry, an active inventor of new techniques, and a dominant formulator of national and association standards.

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