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HPWINNER Low-Carbon Energy Storage Roadway Light Successfully Debuted Worldwide in Messe Frankfurt Exhibition

Staring Low-Carbon Era

At 14:00 on March 4th, German time, Hangzhou HPWINNER Opto Corporation (short as HPWINNER) successfully released low-carbon energy storage roadway lights - HPDECARREION at Light+Building 2024 Messe Frankfurt exhibition in Germany.


The replacement of traditional street lights with LED roadway lights represents a revolution in urban lighting industry, which achieved a significant reduction in energy consumption. With the advancement of technology, especially in terms of improved luminous efficiency and energy-saving performance, LED roadway lighting has made outstanding progress in the realm of green energy conservation. HPWINNER has made significant technological contributions to that, including pioneering and leading in the modular technology approach and inventing the mainstream 5050 LEDs for high-efficiency street lighting. However, when the luminous efficiency approaches the theoretical limit, the development of LED street lighting has encountered an energy-saving bottleneck.


How to breakthrough?

After two years of research and development, HPWINNER proposed a new technical architecture and released low-carbon energy storage roadway lights, a new category of roadway lighting, creating LED street lights 2.0 - HPDECARREION with low-carbon or zero-carbon as the main purpose (different from LED street lights 1.0 with energy saving as the main purpose).

HPDECARREION adopts a new distributed energy storage mode: with its own independent energy storage module, at valley time (10p.m.-6a.m., mainly use energy-green electricity with lower price), it turns lights up and charges the battery; at peak time (6p.m.-10p.m., mainly use carbon electricity with higher price), it is powered by the battery and applies “Peak-cutting and Valley-filling” intelligent power consumption strategy to optimize energy use and load demand, thus to realize efficient and sustainable energy management. The above strategy is an example from China's peak-valley time of use electricity policy. In other countries, the strategy can be adjusted according to local real-time electricity pricing. The innovative comprehensive and efficient thermal management technology can help achieve all-round efficient heat dissipation from multiple dimensions. The advanced intelligent drive controller provides overall protection for remote control and efficient power supply.


Energy storage roadway lights not only make further progress in energy saving, but more importantly, take a leap to the direction of low carbon or even zero carbon. The application of energy storage roadway light could save annual electricity consumption by 77% and reduce electricity costs by 81%. A roadway light - HPDECARREION could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 0.4 tons per year, which is equivalent to the contribution of 27 trees in carbon reduction (according to the data of the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), one tree can absorb 10kg-30kg of carbon dioxide per year, taking the intermediate value for calculation).


The launch of LED street Light 2.0 - HPDECARREION marks the further exploration of HPWINNER in the field of roadway lighting, and also demonstrates HPWINNER's profound commitment to environment protection and sustainable development. With continuous technical innovation, we are committed to providing customers with more energy-efficient,environment-friendly, low-carbon and sustainable lighting solutions. The release of low-carbon energy storage street light imply the beginning of new era for LED roadway lighting, which not only indicates the progress of lighting technology, but also reflects the vision and commitment of HPWINNER to future urban development: a more energy-saving, environment-protection, low-carbon, sustainable and intelligent future.

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