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Illumination Solution for LED Tunnel Lights

Due to the special environment of tunnels, different brightness levels of lighting need to be set up at the entrance, exit, and middle transition section to allow drivers to adapt to changes in brightness and ensure safe driving.

Traditional tunnel lighting operations use lamps with different power or lamps with different spacings installed in different zones of the tunnel to achieve a gradual transition of brightness. However, they cannot adapt to changes in sunlight, clouds, and nightfall, sudden weather changes, or emergency lighting adjustments during accidents, resulting in wasted electricity and unsafe conditions.

The advantages of the LED tunnel lighting intelligent control system :

Automatic lighting control of LED tunnel lighting

  • Sequential control: set according to local seasonal, climate, sunshine and other regular changes in the control software.

  • According to the sequential control task, control the brightness of the LED tunnel lamps in different zones inside the tunnel.

  • Automatic detection and control: This control method uses light detectors or other detectors set at the entrance and the section introducing the tunnel to automatically control the brightness of LED tunnel lamps in different zones inside the tunnel through the management computer in the duty room based on the detection data feedback.

Remote manual control of LED tunnel lighting

Certain management room personnel at the monitoring center can control the LED tunnel lamps in different zones of the tunnel through computer keyboards according to the changing weather condition on site.

Automatic inspection of LED tunnel lamps and automatic fault reporting function

Report fault LED tunnel lamp information to the monitoring center or notify relevant personnel by SMS, which facilitates maintenance personnel to repair and handle faults timely.

Energy consumption statistical output data report function of LED tunnel lamps

Automatically output data reports to provide accurate digital basis for HPWINNER's customers to implement effective and reliable LED lighting secondary energy-saving solutions.

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