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  • Smd Module LED

CK7A LED Module

The wattage range of CK7A IP68 LED module  40W/50W/60W

CK7A adopts 34pcs customized Lumileds LUXEN 5050 LED with superior lm/W enables outstanding efficacy in end application. CK7A module’s thin light structure combines the light shells to reach excellent heat dissipation. IP68 rated and a variety of street light distributions are applied for all sorts of road lighting retrofit.

CK7A LED Module

Features Of CK7A LED Module

  • Construction

    • Customized LEDs from a world-leading supplier;

    • Super long lifetime(Lumen maintenance);

    • Wide applicability for complex situations;

    • High versatility apply for all sorts of lamps retrofit.

Applications Of CK7A LED Module

  • Street lighting retrofit and application;

  • Tunnel lighting retrofit and application;

  • Garden lighting retrofit and application;

  • Factory lighting retrofit and application;

  • Outdoor lighting retrofit and application.

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