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Solar Street Light Pole and LED Street Light Head Material

1. Solar street light pole

Solar street lights are suitable for installation in villages, towns, villages, residential quarters, school factories, farmyards and other places. They are more commonly used in new rural transformation and beautiful rural construction projects. Solar street lights can be made into single or double lamp holders according to customer requirements, and customized services are provided for drawing processing.

The solar street light pole is equipped with a 25W 30W LED lamp head, which is characterized by high brightness, high power, and high cost performance. The height of solar street light pole is 4-5 meters: usually choose power of 15 watts, 20 watts, 25 watts, which is characterized by appropriate power and high cost performance.

The design of rural solar LED street lamp head is mainly the choice of light source. When choosing a light source, we should fully consider its power, color temperature, color rendering index, illuminance range, average photo, lamp pole height, etc. Reasonable layout of the distance of solar led street lights can not only save costs, but also make full use of resources.

The street light pole is made of Q235 high-quality steel, hot-dip galvanized, and sprayed with plastic, with simple design and reasonable layout. The solar bracket is designed and produced according to the latitude and longitude of different regions;

The installation of rural street lights can choose mains led street lights or solar street lights according to their own budget. Rural lighting is still used for urban lighting. Generally speaking, the spacing of solar street lights for rural road lighting is about 30 meters, which is more reasonable; while for urban lighting, it is 7 meters 60 watts or 6 meters 50 watts, and the spacing is generally 3.5 times that of light poles. Otherwise, if the wattage is too high, it will cause waste of resources, and if the wattage is too low, it will not play a role.

2. LED street lamp head material

High-purity aluminum reflector, lamp housing and radiator for LED street lamp head; high-strength tempered glass cover; high-power LED light source; high-efficiency imported constant current source.

The LED street light housing is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, which can effectively dissipate heat and prevent water and dust. The surface of the lamp is treated with anti-ultraviolet and anti-corrosion treatment, and the overall lamp meets the IP65 standard.

6 meters street light pole parameters:

The total height of the solar street light pole is 6 meters, the upper diameter is 60mm, the lower diameter is 133mm, and the wall thickness is 3mm. There is a flange plate at the bottom of the 6-meter street light pole. The distance between the mounting holes of the flange plate is 280mm, and it is installed on the foundation through anchor bolts.

Rural solar street lighting has a wide range of lighting, which is not only convenient but also beautiful. Even in rainy days, it can be illuminated normally, which brings great convenience to life.

It is understood that the solar street lights installed in the village can provide lighting for 6 to 12 hours at night. Compared with traditional street lights, solar street lights in rural areas have lower operating costs, and have multiple advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful appearance, and intelligent operation.