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How to Install Tunnel Lights in Underground Tunnels?

With continuous updates and iterations of lighting fixtures, the lamps used in tunnel lighting are also undergoing revolutionary changes. Now, most tunnel lights use LED light sources, and non-symmetric lighting design techniques are adopted to optimize the internal lighting environment of the tunnel. So how are tunnel lights installed? We will share with you four common installation methods for tunnel lights.

Suspended type of tunnel lights

Firstly, pre-buried wiring should be carried out, and the electrical box should be installed. After the lamps are installed according to the detailed design construction plan, the suspended ceiling should be constructed to ensure the combination of tunnel lights and the ceiling. Then, use bolts for fixed installation.

Ceiling-mounted type of tunnel lights

Carry out fixed-point pre-buried junction box and clean up the junction box. Then mark lines on the junction box. The installation of tunnel lights requires drilling lamp holes at the top end of the tunnel and fixing tunnel lights with expansion bolts.

Wall-mounted type of tunnel lights

The installation of tunnel lights for wall-mounted type is the same as that of home wall-mounted lighting fixtures. Pre-buried wiring should be carried out as well as LED tunnel lighting installation. An electrical box also needs to be installed here to provide power to the lamps.

Seat type of tunnel lights

The installation method of seat type of tunnel lights is similar to the first two methods. Firstly, pre-buried wiring, installation of lamps, and use of bolts for fixing should be carried out. It should be fully installed according to the construction design and detailed plan.

Nowadays, each manufacturer's installation method for tunnel lights is different, and some are installed on both sides or in the middle of the tunnel. However, high-quality tunnel lights will not affect the driver's headlights or taillights, and will not cause harm to the driver's eyes, which is particularly important.

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