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Application of LED Products in Tunnels

1. LED tunnel lights are used in tunnel lighting

The LED tunnel light will automatically adjust the lighting intensity according to the intensity of the light entering the tunnel, which is an intelligent dimming control system. Compared with the traditional plan, it saves 50% of electricity, and the life of the light source is 6 to 8 times that of traditional tunnel lamps, which greatly reduces the loss of light source and the cost of daily maintenance.

Tunnel lighting is different from ordinary road lighting because it must be lit 24 hours a day. The lighting intensity during the day is stronger than the lighting intensity at night. It is conceivable that the electricity cost of the tunnel has become an important part of the operating cost. In addition, tunnel lighting is different from General road lighting has its obvious particularity, including people's ability to adapt to light and shade, space and lighting for the transition between light and shade, etc. These are reflected in the design of tunnel lighting, and are inseparable to the safety of users relation.

2. The lighting classification of LED tunnel lights

Tunnel lighting is usually divided into entrance lighting, interior lighting and exit lighting. Among them, the requirements for entrance lighting are very strict, and the brightness is gradually reduced from the brightness similar to that of the outside world.

Specifically, the brightness of the tunnel entrance lighting during the day should be determined according to the brightness outside the tunnel, the speed of the vehicle, the field of view at the entrance and the length of the tunnel.

The International Institute of Illumination (CIE) divides tunnel entrance lighting into (starting from the tunnel entrance) threshold segment and transition segment. The threshold segment is to eliminate the "black hole" phenomenon and allow the driver to clearly identify obstacles at the entrance of the tunnel. The tunnel transition segment lighting is set to avoid strong changes between the threshold segment lighting and the interior basic lighting, and the lighting level further gradually decreases. . In Japan's tunnel lighting standard, the tunnel entrance lighting is further divided into introduction section, adaptation section and transition section.

The inner section is the area within the tunnel away from the influence of external natural lighting, and the driver's vision is only affected by the lighting inside the tunnel. The interior segment is characterized by a uniform illumination level throughout the segment. Because the lighting level does not need to change at all in this segment, it is only necessary to provide the appropriate brightness level in this segment, the specific value is determined by the traffic flow and vehicle speed. Distribution and brightness of the entry, transition, interior and exit segments of the tunnel.

Road tunnel lighting has its own characteristics, which are different from ordinary road lighting. LED tunnel lighting needs to consider the following points in the design:

1. The road surface should have a certain brightness level;

2. The tunnel wall should have a certain brightness level;

3. Design speed, traffic volume, route alignment and many other influencing factors;

4. Comprehensively determine the lighting level from the aspects of driving safety and comfort;

5. Human visual adaptability, especially at the entrance and exit of the tunnel;

6. The tunnel also needs lighting during the day, and the lighting problem during the day is more complicated than that at night.