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What Should Be Considered When Applying LED Tunnel Lights for Tunnel Lighting?

Tunnels are the main structures of mountain highways. Due to their unique structure, sunlight cannot shine directly inside the tunnels. In order to solve the "black hole effect" or the "white hole effect" that occurs when the brightness changes suddenly when vehicles enter or exit the tunnel, continuous lighting is required inside the tunnel. The commonly used tunnel lighting fixtures are LED tunnel lights, and the following issues should be considered when applying them to tunnel lighting:

Glare control of LED tunnel lights

In tunnel lighting, the glare should be controlled to the lowest level to ensure sufficient visibility for drivers during driving.

In general, high-brightness LEDs are used as light sources in tunnel lighting. The light distribution is uniform, and the light is soft and comfortable to avoid causing uncomfortable glare, thus ensuring driving safety.

Uniformity of LED tunnel light illumination

LED tunnel lights used in tunnel lighting require uniform illumination. The ratio of the minimum brightness of the road surface and wall surface below 2 meters in the tunnel to the average brightness is the uniformity. Uniform illumination helps drivers see the road conditions clearly and avoid traffic accidents.

Eliminate the "flicker effect" of LED tunnel lights

The main reason for the "flicker effect" is the improper distance between the lamps, which causes alternate changes in brightness, producing uncomfortable feelings in the driver's field of vision.

Therefore, when installing LED tunnel lights, attention should be paid to reasonable layout, effective planning of the distance between lamps, and avoid the "flicker effect".

Emergency lighting of LED tunnel lights

In addition to conventional LED lighting, emergency lighting is essential in tunnels. In case of sudden events in the tunnel, emergency LED lighting can provide suitable lighting in a very short time, which can prevent accidents from happening. This also includes LED emergency indications to ensure safe and orderly passage of vehicles through the tunnel in case of emergencies.

LED tunnel light zoning

In the long tunnel lighting design, LED tunnel lights should be designed differently for different zones of the tunnel. For example, the entrance and exit sections of the tunnel should have higher lighting than the middle and transition sections to help drivers adapt to the discomfort caused by entering the tunnel from outside while also ensuring the economic and practical use of tunnel lighting.

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