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Technical Application of LED Tunnel Light

The application of LED tunnel lights is becoming more and more extensive. It has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, wide color gamut, high color saturation, and long service life, which solves the problem of short service life of traditional light bulbs.

Ⅰ. The light source characteristics of LED tunnel lights

1. Light color can be adjusted

Because the spectral range of LEDs is generally narrow, unlike incandescent lamps, which have a full spectrum, LED tunnel lights can be freely combined and matched without filters. No need for filters, use red, green and blue three-color elements to derive various colors to achieve variable, gradual change, light mixing and other effects.

2. Smart lighting

Compared with the monotonous problem of traditional light sources, LED tunnel light sources belong to low-voltage microelectronic products, which combine modern technologies such as computer, network communication, image processing, embedded control, etc., and have the characteristics of programmable, arbitrary upgrade and arbitrary change.

3. Green and environmental protection

Because no metal mercury is added, compared with other traditional light sources, LED tunnel light sources are well-deserved to be called "green light sources".

Ⅱ. How to deal with the technical problems of LED tunnel lights?

1. The problem of centralized management. If the electrical equipment route is not used, there is no way to maintain the centralized management and real-time monitoring that are critical to LED tunnel lights. The practical significance of selling point has weakened again.

2. The life of the rechargeable battery, battery and other control devices of the LED tunnel light is usually less than the life of the LED. This brings about many problems that must be dealt with to maintain the long life of the entire system, which will also cause higher maintenance costs.

3. Because the system uses DC battery, it is easy to be stolen, so theft prevention is the problem of the system

In addition, there is also the net weight problem of installing solar panels with a high height-to-width ratio, which brings about an increase in the wind resistance work ability of the street lamp design scheme and an increase in cost. These problems are all because the solar power LED lighting system cannot be fully deal with difficult problems.

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