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The wattage range of CK16BMAX IP68 LED module  40W/50W/60W 

CK16BMAX is Hpwinner 3rd generation module, achieve IP68 protection level with the smallest occupied area, perfectly realizing the balance between reliability and high luminous efficiency. Multiple lighting distributions are available to meet the needs of complex situations.


Features Of CK16BMAX LED Module

  • Construction

    • Customized LEDs from a world-leading supplier;

    • Super long lifetime(Lumen maintenance);

    • Multiple lighting distributions available;

    • Wide applicability for complex situations;

    • High versatility apply for all sorts of lamps retrofit.

Applications Of CK16BMAX LED Module

  • Street lighting retrofit and application;

  • Factory lighting retrofit and application;

  • Tunnel lighting retrofit and application;

  • Sports lighting retrofit and application.

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