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LED Tunnel Light Manufacturer Injects Vitality into Tunnel Lighting Industry!

Advantages of LED tunnel lights compared to traditional lighting fixtures

LED tunnel light manufacturers have more advantages in the light source compared to traditional lighting fixtures. LED is a solid-state semiconductor device that directly converts electrical energy into light energy, with less light decay, higher color rendering, and better safety performance. In addition to being installed in our public tunnels, tunnel lights also include some underground tunnels, railways, and other places with lighting needs.

With the progress and development of technology, the field of tunnel lighting has also undergone significant changes. From traditional sodium lamps and metal halide lamps to the latest LED tunnel lights, considerable progress has been made in energy efficiency, reduced usage and maintenance costs compared to the past.

In recent years, the country has vigorously promoted green environmental protection. Due to the high cost and maintenance cost, short service life of traditional lighting fixtures, many tunnel lighting manufacturers have focused their attention on emerging LED tunnel lights.

In addition, LED tunnel lights have superior light sources compared to traditional lamps. LED is a solid-state semiconductor device that directly converts electrical energy into light energy, with less light attenuation, higher color rendering, and better safety performance. Its performance is better.

At present, most new infrastructure projects, whether in urban or rural areas, use LED tunnel lights in the tunnel lighting category, as LED tunnel lights have many advantages over traditional lighting fixtures.

Characteristics of LED tunnel lights

People love LED tunnel lights, not to mention the group effect of LED tunnel lights, only because they have the advantages of high brightness, uniform light output, and good heat dissipation. Generally, the following characteristics are available when designing a single LED tunnel light:

  • Modular design, various power lamps can be produced by LED module manufacturers in China according to customer requirements by adding or reducing modules.

  • The driver power box is generally independently designed, making installation and maintenance more convenient.

  • The installation angle can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

  • Due to the use of advanced and efficient light beads, the entire bulb can still maximize energy savings and reduce emissions while maintaining high brightness.

Generally speaking, the cost of tunnel lighting mainly includes electricity costs, maintenance costs, product procurement costs, and distribution and installation costs. According to the investment time, it can be divided into the early construction phase. The main cost during this period is only the purchase of LED tunnel light products, other supporting facilities, and construction and installation costs. The later operation and maintenance gradually increase the entire cost of LED tunnel lighting.

Compared to traditional and emerging LED lighting, the use of LED tunnel lighting solutions is clearly more cost-effective in the long run. As LED light sources continue to develop, their efficiency and overall lighting efficiency will become higher, and the products will become more mature. Currently, the popularity of LED tunnel lighting has become an irreversible trend. In the future, LED lighting will be used in a wider range of fields.

Energy-saving, efficient, and long-life LED tunnel lights inject vitality into the field of tunnel lighting.