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What Possible Faults Could Occur in LED Streetlight Heads and How to Prevent Them?

With the development of LED technology in the lighting industry, high pressure sodium lamps used in road lighting are gradually being phased out. LED light sources are widely used in outdoor road lighting because of their advantages such as high brightness, low energy consumption, and power saving.

Nowadays, many people prefer to use LED street lights because they do have many advantages. But we know that any street light may encounter some faults. What should we do when we encounter these faults? And how to prevent them?

Fault one: LED street light head does not light up

It is really frustrating when the LED street light head does not light up. So how do we prevent and solve this problem?

Firstly, we need to check the circuit inside the LED street light head to see if there is a short circuit or poor contact. If no problem is found after the circuit is checked, then it is most likely a problem with the driver. The driver controls the voltage and current of the LED street light head. Excessive or insufficient voltage and current can cause the LED street light head to not light up.

At this time, we should replace a new driver, preferably a branded one.

Fault two: LED street light head brightness decreases

The brightness of the LED street light head may decrease due to poor quality of the LED chip inside the light source leading to significant light decay. When selecting LED street light heads, we should try to ask the street lighting factory to use imported LED chips.

In addition, the brightness of the LED street light head may also decrease due to the burning out of some light beads inside the light source. In this case, we need to consider the problem of capacitors and resistors in the LED street light head.

Fault three: LED street light head flashes after turning off

If the light source of the LED street light head continues to flicker after turning off, this may be caused by the self-induced current of the LED street light head. To solve this problem, a 220V relay can be purchased and connected in series with the coil and light source, and the problem of the LED street light head not lighting up can be solved.

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