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Types of LED Lights

LED Light Manufacturing Process

  • LED Light Tooling


    With various of advanced machines, to hold a full control of quality and lead time in mold designing and building.

  • LED Light Die Casting


    Die-casting equipments vary from model 280T to 1250T, with automatic feeding, spraying, differential motion clamping, cooling system, large centralized smelting furnaces, automatic batching lines, mesh belt shot blasting machines, saws, polishers, etc. To realize intelligentization, informationization and real-time monitoring in production process.

  • LED Light Powder Coating

    Powder Coating

    Equipped with six Wanger powder coating lines imported from Germany, improve Powder coating quality.

  • LED Light High-precision Machining

    High-precision Machining

    Designed to equip with 40 sets of CNC machine with high flexibility, fast response, suitable for diversification of small batch custom processing.

  • LED Module Production

    Our company has 10 years experience in producing IP68 modules, when manufacturing modules, we will use X-Ray machine to test whether the LED is really soldered to keep performance and reliability.

  • LED Light Luminaires Assembly

    Luminaires Assembly

    From order placement to production, the whole process is supported by our own industrial 4.0 software, so that the order can be produced accurately, and each work station has computer screen show instructions to ensure the accurate production of product details.

Advantages of HPWINNER LED Lights

  • One Stop Service

    Hpwinner is the first smart led outdoor lighting factory with molding, die-casting, powder spraying and luminaires assembly in China. 75,000+ Square meters production area with 800+ employees.

  • Customized Individualized Solutions

    Hpwinner make tailor individualized solutions for an enormous variety of different outdoor lighting conditions.

  • Various Light Distributions

    More than 300 kinds of light distributions optional to satisfy different applications.

  • IP68 Light Source

    All luminaires are developed based on IP68 light source, which makes them more reliable.

  • Strong R&D Support

    100+ R&D team members who are all well-experienced and graduated from famous school always offer professional guidance on every client's project.

  • Ultra High Luminous Efficiency

    Hpwinner is outdoor lighting leading in the field of outdoor high-power light efficiency. "Max technology" is adopted to achieve the IP68 protection level with the smallest occupied area, perfectly realizing the balance between reliability and high luminous efficiency.