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Max Technology – LED Module With Sealing Process Innovation

Max technology" is a technological breakthrough under the thick product of the process. It has reached the highest IP68 protection level with the smallest occupied area and perfectly realizes the balance between reliability and high performance.

For the existing module specifications, with this technology, a considerable part of the space can be released to give the optical structure, and more LEDs can be arranged in the same area. It greatly improves the luminous efficiency of the module and creates more energy-saving green lighting products.

Based on Max technology, the proportion of light output area of the module is greatly increased. Higher "light proportion" brings higher light efficiency, higher energy-saving efficiency, and better lighting effect.

  • Max Technology –  LED Module With Sealing Process Innovation

FAQs of LED Modules

  • What's the applications of HPWINNER LED modules?

    A :

    The modules could be used in outdoor, like street lighting retrofit,factory lighting retrofit, sport lighting retrofit,tunnel lighting retrofit and so on.

  • What is IP grade of HPWINNER modules?

    A :

    All the modules in HPWINNER with IP68 highest protection grade.

  • How long is the lifetime of HPWINNER LED modules?

    A :

    In general, the service life of our modules is more than 60000 hours, but we will evaluate the life time according to external environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity and other factors.