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FAQs of LED High Mast Flood Light

  • What is high mast pole?
    A :

    High-mast lighting is a tall pole with lighting attached to the top pointing towards the ground, usually but not always used to light a highway or recreational field. It is used at sites that require lighting over a large area.

  • How tall are the LED high mast flood lights ?
    A :

    High mast floodlights are typically mounted on poles 12 meters to 45 meters tall, with 4  to 16 pcs lamps mounted on each pole. This type of outdoor lighting is often used by ports, municipal authorities, and parking lots of large venues such as stadiums and sports facilities.

  • What is the highest wattage for a flood light?
    A :

    Ultra-High Wattage (1500 Watts) – 1500 watt floodlights are the highest number of approved wattages. These are typically only appropriate for major municipal or industrial lighting verticals such as airport lighting, highways, large parking lots, or outdoor sports arenas.