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Different Types of LED High Bay Lights

Advantages Of LED High Bay Lights

  • Low energy-consuming & Eco-Friendly;

  • Various light distributions 25°/40°/ 60°  / 90° /120° for different space requirements;

  • Heat dissipation system ensure product performance;

  • Waterproof function IP66;

  • Long life time and easy maintenance.

Designing A Warehouse Lighting Layout With LED High Bay Light

Designing A Warehouse Lighting Layout With LED High Bay Light
  • Space size

  • Installation spacing

  • Installation height

  • Power or lighting requirements (if there is no specific requirement, the specific purpose of the space should be explained, our company can recommend the power according to the general standard).

Storage: Typically, storage rooms are just used to house goods. Enough to see what’s what, around 300 lux, is all that’s needed.

Warehouses: No less than 500 lux is generally required for warehouse lighting.

Sports arenas: Lighting standards for sports arenas are set by the governing bodies for each sport (associations, federations, etc.). Depending on the class level for your sports arena, your lighting needs will be different. Lighting requirements can be as low as 100 lux and go as high as 1000 lux.


FAQs of LED High Bay Light

  • Why Choose LEDs for High Bay Lights?

    A :

    High bay LED lights vastly improve the performance compared to conventional lighting including metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent bulbs in many ways. Warehouse, industrial, business, and entertainment venues have relied on high bay lights in spaces with ceilings ranging from 20 to 45 feet tall to provide sufficient light. LED high bay Lights have better energy efficiency up to 180lm/w. Different light designs delivering light at a specific angle waste less light. Also LED  High bay lights to have lower operation and maintenance costs.

  • How many led high bay lights do I need?

    A :

    Different scenes will require different numbers of lights. A professional complete solution will be provided according to your needs. The size of the site, the installation height and the required luminous flux etc. are all factors that affect the number of lights.

  • What are the different types of high bay lights?

    A :

    High bay LED light fixtures to have many shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Round high bay lights are also called UFO high bay lights. They have one contact point with the ceiling which makes them the easiest high bays to install. Modular high bay lights are commonly seen in wholesale retailers, warehouses, and other wide-open spaces with a lot of aisles or shelving. They can be mounted directly to the ceiling or hung with chains or cables. The type of high bay lights you choose will depend on your specific space and purpose.