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Several Installation Methods of Tunnel Lights

When driving a vehicle into or out of a tunnel, the driver may experience difficulty adjusting to sudden changes in lighting, causing the tunnel entrance to appear dark or bright light shining through. This phenomenon is known as "black hole effect" or "white hole effect," which can affect the driver's ability to drive safely and result in accidents. To solve this problem, lighting fixtures specifically designed for tunnel illumination have been developed. It's crucial to use proper installation methods for tunnel lights, but what are the different ways they can be installed?

As the leading manufacturer of tunnel lights, our lights are designed to provide superior illumination, are reliable and efficient, and are easy to install. Products  produced by HPWINNER are designed to meet the highest safety standards and are made with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance. The tunnel lights provided by us are commonly installed in four ways: ceiling-mounted, pendant-mounted, base-mounted, and wall-mounted. Let's take a look at how each of these methods is installed.

Installation method for tunnel lights: ceiling-mounted

According to the design drawings and methods, first install the embedded junction box, clean it, and mark it. The tunnel light needs to be fixed by drilling holes in the tunnel's top and securing it with expansion bolts.

Installation method for tunnel lights: pendant-mounted

Pendant-mounted installation is also a common installation method for tunnel lights. First, install embedded wiring and electrical boxes according to detailed designs and construction plans. After installing the tunnel lights, construction of the ceiling ensures tight integration with the light fixture. Then, secure the installation with bolts, making sure the position is accurate; otherwise, installing tunnel lights will be troublesome.

Installation method for tunnel lights: base-mounted

The installation method of base-mounted tunnel lights is similar to the two previous methods of installing the tunnel lamp. The base of the tunnel light is fixed to the tunnel wall using an impact drill and expansion bolts, with the help of a workbench car. During operation, the impact drill should be vertical to the tunnel wall; the deflection value of the head of the mounting bolt should not exceed 2mm, and the expansion bolt should be securely fixed. When constructing this, be careful not to damage the tunnel's waterproof layer.

Installation method for tunnel lights: wall-mounted

The installation method for wall-mounted tunnel lights is quite simple. Although we may not see tunnel lights very often, we frequently encounter wall-mounted lighting fixtures. Before installation, wire routing must be done, and the electrical box must also be installed to provide power to the tunnel light. Wall-mounted tunnel lights can widely illuminate the tunnel space, and the installation method is very simple.

Above are the four common installation methods for tunnel lights. Installation needs to consider many factors, such as installation height, size, and wire routing.