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Insights on Purchasing LED High Bay Lamps!

In the purchase of LED high bay lamps, if you first look at the price of LED high bay lamps, or put the price in the first place, you are wrong, because price is the most sensitive and most able to influence personal ideas. Now every industry manufacturer is mixed, including intermediate traders, resulting in market confusion, price disorder, and varying quality.

According to more than ten years of experience in market analysis, the general situation customers encounter is: dare not buy low-priced, cannot afford high-priced, dare not easily buy with tight sellers, and the more they compare with manufacturers, the less they know how to buy. The main reason for this situation is that we do not yet know what to pay attention to when purchasing LED high bay lamps.

Look at the quality of LED high bay lamps, which is the configuration

First of all, what brand of LED high bay lamp chip is used? Imported first-line brands have high light efficiency, long life, small light decay and stability.

Secondly, look at the power supply. The poor quality power supply is basically insufficient power, that is, you take a 100w lamp, but it is actually 40-50w, which will affect the life of the lamp.

Then look at the material of the lamp housing. The price of the lamp also depends on how much and how pure aluminum is used. Imported pure aluminum is selected, the radiator is large, and the use of aluminum naturally increases. Only with real materials can the heat dissipation effect of the lamp be guaranteed.

Furthermore, the lamp’s electrical enclosure should choose pure aluminum, and some use cast iron, which has poor heat dissipation.

Talk to the supplier of LED high bay lamps about the company

Through talking with the other party, observe whether the supplier is professional, so that the authenticity of every accessory used can be ensured, and reduce cutting corners.

Some small companies sell low-priced LED high bay lamps to you with low configurations. After using them for a few months, the lamps are broken. When you go to them, some companies have already gone bankrupt or changed their company name to continue to deceive consumers. Therefore, it is important to choose a professional company like HPWINNER. Our products are manufactured using the highest quality components, to guarantee the highest performance and reliability.

Talk to the supplier of LED high bay lamps about the price

Ask the supplier's price system, not the specific product price, so that you can clearly understand the price space and see how much space the required product price has.

Then propose the product and inform the demand for the product. Pricing is the responsibility of the supplier. After so much discussion, the supplier can only give you a reasonable price.

Place an order for LED high bay lamps in a timely manner

Do not hesitate after the negotiation is completed, and be quick, because the LED high bay supplier will also respond to you quickly; if you hesitate to place an order, the supplier will also slowly prepare the goods for you. LED lamps are produced with delivery time, that is, made after the order is placed.

The supplier will definitely have many customers, and the supplier will arrange the shipment of goods in order, according to the pace of business. Therefore, the faster you are, the faster the supplier will be!

At the same time, you have already selected the products and suppliers, if you hesitate, the potential competitors of the supplier will try everything to sabotage your order and purchase agreement, and various methods encourage you to not place the order in time, which will ultimately cause you to miss the best purchasing opportunity, and you may also spend the entire process time looking for a new supplier. In general, you cannot find an equally excellent and satisfactory LED high bay lamp supplier because at this point, you are already in a passive position.