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FAQs of Side-entry & Post-top LED Roadway Light

  • What is the maintenance factor for led street lighting?
    A :

    Maintenance factors occurred by the aging or pollution of the led street lighting. It is the multiplier that expresses the decrease in light output. The maintenance factor refers to the loss of light that occurs over time and is also known as the loss factor.

    During the operating time of light sources, there can be a slight decrease in light output. In addition to this, pollution of light sources can also cause decreasing of light output. When calculating lighting levels, this decrease from aging and pollution should be taken into consideration.

  • How long do street lights last?
    A :

    Generally, LED street light factories generally offer 5 years, actually, the lights currently could last between 10 years.

  • What is the advantages of Side-entry & post -top led street lights?
    A :

    Providing a variety of installation methods, which is conducive to the flexibility of on-site installation of projects.