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M25A-XA LED Module

The wattage range of M25A-XA IP68 LED module 150W/200W/250W 

M25A-XA module adopts Lumileds luxeon T LED chips with a particularly stable chip and long life span. With excellent protection level IP68, superior heat dissipation structure and accurate light distributions to meet the lighting needs of complex applications. This module is widely used in airports and large stadiums.

M25A-XA LED Module

Features Of M25A-XA LED Module

  • Construction

    • Lumileds Luxeon T LED;

    • Super long lifetime(Lumen maintenance);

    • Multiple lighting distributions available;

    • Wide applicability for complex situations;

    • High versatility apply for all sorts of lamps retrofit.

Applications Of M25A-XA LED Module

  • Sports lighting retrofit and application;

  • Airport lighting retrofit and application.

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