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How to Choose LED High Bay Lamps in Industry: Several Methods

As ordinary consumers, when choosing a product, we often consider the price first and then the appearance and quality. Sometimes, if the price is beyond our budget, we may choose to give up purchasing the product.

However, when it comes to choosing LED high bay lamp in the industrial sector, we must prioritize the price factor without neglecting it. We need to choose products with better cost performance. How can we choose products that are more suitable for our needs? Below are some simple methods of selection:

Choose LED high bay lamp according to actual needs

Industries such as coal, oil, and chemical engineering must not only consider whether the lighting requirements can be met, but also factors such as dust-proofing, waterproofing, and even explosion-proof requirements. So it is important to choose high-quality high bay lamps and a reliable LED high bay light manufacturer.

This restricts our first criterion for choosing LED lamps. If we buy ordinary industrial lamps, they will not meet energy-saving requirements, leading to high usage costs. Choosing ordinary LED lamps may be affordable, but the safety of use is not guaranteed, and frequent replacement of lamps will cause inconvenience to our work. Generally, factory buildings have a high ceiling, and special ladders or aerial lifts are required for lamp replacement, which increases our hidden investment costs.

Therefore, companies in this category need to consider whether the products meet national quality standards and whether they have passed explosion-proof certification and other factors when selecting lamps.

Consider the comprehensive cost performance of LED high bay lamp

In terms of production and material selection, LEDs that have passed explosion-proof certification, military certification, quality system certification, etc., should be selected. LED high bay manufacturers should strictly adhere to national standards and not use inferior methods to reduce production costs. HPWINNER has done just that. Therefore, the prices of these products may be higher than those of ordinary lamps.

However, the one-time investment made during purchase brings high-quality products with significant energy and cost savings in terms of not only electricity bills but also secondary purchase of lamps and the maintenance and replacement costs. More importantly, it provides reliable protection for our safety production.

Suitable power, illumination, and color temperature of LED high bay lamp

This point requires specialized knowledge. The power of LED high bay lamp should be selected based on the actual lighting area. Excessive power will waste electricity resources, while insufficient power cannot meet lighting requirements. In addition, the illumination and color temperature of lamps are also crucial. For example, the textile industry requires high-resolution lamps. In this case, we recommend using products with color temperature values around 6000 and illumination and other conditions that meet the requirements.