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  • 600 Watt LED Flood Light
  • 600w LED Flood Light
  • 600w LED Flood Light Price
  • 600 Watt LED Flood Light
  • 600w LED Flood Light
  • 600w LED Flood Light Price

FL40A LED Flood Light

The wattage range of FL40A stadium led flood light  500W-1500W

FL40 series is a high-power flood light applied for large outdoor space or stadium. Quantity of the modules can be adjusted to suit different scenarios. Angle of each module can be adjusted within 15 degrees and laser sight can be installed. FL40 can reach max 1500W could replace high power traditional metal halide lamp.

FL40A LED Flood Light

Features Of FL40A LED Flood Light

  • Construction

    • Die-cast aluminum housing, compact and reliable mechanism and efficient heat dissipation.

    • Unique patented IP68 LED light engines.

    • Optimized design, not easy to accumulate water and dust.

  • Electrical

    • Flexible to reach desired power consumption by choosing appropriate light engines.

    • Up to 1500W with a maximum flux output of 225,000lm

  • Optical

    • Stadium-lighting oriented lighting distribution available.

    • Compatible with general flood lighting distributions.

    • Light shields available by option for each row of modules.

  • Installation

    • Bracket adjustable in +(-)45°~+75°, with row of modules separately adjustable in -15°~+15°.

    • Laser sight available by option for precise aiming.

    • Steel rope available by option for safe mounting.

Applications Of FL40A LED Flood Light

  • Large outdoor space lighting (stadium, airport, parking lot....)

  • High-mast lighting (square, port…)


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