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The Development Prospect of LED Tunnel Lamp

LED tunnel light is a kind of tunnel light. It is used in large-area flood lighting in tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, venues, metallurgy and various factories, engineering construction and other places. It is most suitable for urban landscapes, billboards, building structures Surface for landscaping lighting.

With the rapid development of China's road traffic construction, the construction scale and number of road tunnels are also increasing, and tunnel lighting has also faced urgent problems such as energy saving and safety. With the maturity of LED light source technology, China The lighting industry has also carried out research and application practice of LED in road tunnel lighting. Therefore, it will become a demand to combine advanced control methods in tunnel lighting and the use of a new generation of light sources with high light efficiency, good stability and long life will become a demand and trend.

Ⅰ. The characteristics of LED tunnel lights

LED tunnel light is a kind of light-efficiency energy-saving lamps. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are selected as the light source of the luminous body, with high light efficiency and long life. It can realize multi-purpose lighting with different reflectors; Dizziness or other uncomfortable reactions. The ballast adopts overheating protection technology to ensure the service life of lamps. Imported high-purity mirror aluminum anodized material is used as the reflector and through precise light distribution design, the power factor is greater than 0.9, the reflection efficiency is high, the light transmittance is good, energy saving and environmental protection.

Comparison of LED and traditional tunnel lighting sources LED is a solid-state semiconductor device, which can directly convert electricity into light. Compared with traditional road tunnel lighting sources (sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, etc.), LED light sources have the following advantages:

1. Small light decay: if the heat dissipation conditions are good, the first 10000h of the LED is positive light decay, the first 10000h light decay is 3%~10%, and the first 50000h is basically 30%, which is far lower than ordinary road lighting sources, and lighting is more stable.

2. High color rendering: Generally, the color rendering of LED is about 70-80, and it is higher if three primary color phosphors are used; the general high-pressure sodium lamp is 20-35, and the low-pressure sodium lamp is lower, so even the brightness of traditional light sources is high. It is better than LED, but the visual effect is worse than that of LED. "It is not the brightest, but it is the clearest." This should be a direction for the development of LED light source applications.

3. Lifespan: The lifespan of LEDs is higher than that of general road tunnel lighting sources, and is now generally higher than 50000H.

4. Price: Although the current price of LED lamp caps is higher than that of traditional lighting fixtures, with the maturity of manufacturing technology, its price is currently in a continuous decline. The price of a set of high and low pressure sodium lamps is generally around 2,000 yuan, while its cables and other accessories are The price is higher than the cost of LED cables and so on.

In addition, LED also has the advantages of high maintenance factor, good safety performance, no flicker, energy saving and environmental protection.

Ⅱ. What should be considered in the lighting design of LED tunnel lights?

Factors considered in tunnel lighting design include length, line type, interior decoration, road type, presence or absence of sidewalks, structure of connecting roads, design speed, traffic volume and vehicle types, etc., and also consider the light color of the light source, lamps, arrangement, the tunnel lighting design is to solve these problems.

Tunnel lighting energy saving is a requirement for light sources, lamps, lighting methods, etc. Energy saving includes lighting design energy saving and management energy saving. Among them, lighting design energy saving is the most important energy saving measure, which includes the adoption of novel and reliable design concepts and Reasonable standard value, as well as the use of high-efficiency light sources, high-efficiency lamps, increased light reflectance and lighting control energy saving, etc.

Compared with traditional light sources, the biggest advantages of LEDs are energy saving and stability. Therefore, based on the advantages and characteristics of LEDs, improving the efficiency of LED chips and improving the overall efficiency of lamps with reasonable light distribution design are important issues that need to be solved in LED tunnel lighting.

The light efficiency of LED light source is a basic indicator to measure the efficiency of its tunnel light source. According to the actual requirements of LED tunnel lights, the light efficiency used needs to reach a certain level to meet the needs of replacing traditional sodium lamps and metal halide lamps for road lighting.

In recent years, with the continuous updating and development of LED chips, packaging and light distribution technology of lamps, the efficiency of LED light sources has been improved to a new high level.