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Issues Regarding LED Lights!

Why do LED lights break?

Another issue is about the lifespan. In theory, the lifespan of LED lights is 100000 hours, but in actual use at home, they can last for 3-4 years. The actual lifespan of LED lights is relatively short, which is due to quality issues.

Because LED lights are sensitive to dust, any small amount of dust can cause damage to the circuit board. To solve this problem, many manufacturers have encapsulated the LED lights to prevent dust from causing damage to the circuit board.

However, even if the production is done in a dust-free environment, it is still difficult to achieve a completely dust-free standard. Therefore, the LED chips are encapsulated to avoid the problem of the chips being burnt out, which ultimately leads to the damage of LED lights.

Energy-saving LED lights are still a trend

In the long run, compared to traditional lamps, LED lights have lower power consumption and can save about 70% of energy. This is also one of the advantages of LED lights, and it also has a longer lifespan than traditional lamps. LED lights have good visual effects with its daylight-like lighting.

Because it looks softer and has a good protective effect in terms of light and other aspects. In terms of the material used in production, it does not require any filaments or glass materials, which shows that LED lights are safer and free from some of the problems associated with traditional light bulbs.

Therefore, when choosing LED lights, it is important to ensure their quality. User should try to buy from big brands for better quality, and some people think that LED lights emitting blue light is harmful, but it is actually a normal phenomenon of light sources.

The same LED bulb has different prices

Why are the prices of the same LED bulbs with the same power different? The biggest problem is caused by the production. The main reason is that the cost of a dust-free environment is relatively high, so the price of LED lights naturally varies.

In our move towards a greener and more environmentally friendly world, it can be seen that LED lights are not the kind of inferior product we usually see. It also has its advantages. Whether LED lights are energy-saving or not depends on the actual electricity usage. Therefore, it is important to choose the right kind of lights for your own use, instead of always worrying about whether LED lights save energy or not. Choosing according to the actual needs and situation in your home is often the most reasonable option.