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T1B LED Road Lighting

The wattage range of T1B LED road lighting  40W-120W

T1B LED street light has exclusive IP68 high efficiency LED sources and whole body die-cast aluminum design. It is a kind of high stability of street light. Multiple kinds of ergonomic light distributions bring visual ease and comforts to the road operators in different applications. Free choice of different modules makes it possible to achieve different luminous efficiency.

T1B LED Road Lighting

Features Of T1B LED Road Light

  • Construction

    • Die-cast aluminum housing.

    • Unique patented IP68 (highest protection level) LED light engines.

    • Whole structure heating dissipation design with best thermal conduction and radiation.

    • IP67 rated luminaire.

  • Distribution

    • Ergonomic and dedicated lighting distributions are available for various roadway applications.

Applications Of T1B LED Road Light

  • Roadway lighting

    (Urban roads, residential areas, overpasses…)

  • Public areas lighting

    (Theme parks, squares, parking lots…)


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