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Different Types of LED Flood lights

Advantages Of LED Flood Light

  • Diversified floodlight designs meet various requirements of customers;

  • Our led flood light adopt IP68 light source with high reliability;

  • More than 300 different lighting distributions are available for various area lighting;

  • Professional R&D engineers help make accurate calculations for the projects;

  • Tool-less onsite replacement of light engines greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Recommended LED Flood Light Lumens

We can not generalize about lumen for the floodlight, firstly when we get the project, we will make a simulation for projects, and then confirm whether to use high luminous efficiency floodlight or cost-effective floodlight according to project budget. Generally, now average luminous efficacy for led floodlight is about 130-170lm/W.

Features of LED Flood Light

Features of LED Flood Light


FAQs of LED Flood Lights

  • How do we choose a good quality LED flood light?

    A :

    Location: Deciding on the location of the floodlight will help you move on to the next step in making a choice. They could be installed on the building, on the wall, from the ceiling or sports facilities and so on.

    Beam Angle: It generally needs to make simulations that will decide the accurate beam angles. For example, for big stadium lighting, generally use 25°light distribution.

    Dimming or Other Smart Control Functions: Besides standard solutions, in order to offer now more energy-saving floodlights, there will be more smart choices. You can choose a motion-sensor floodlight that switches on the moment it detects any movement and you can choose a floodlight with time dimming controls or DALI controls.

    Lumens: Choose the appropriate lumen according to your project requirements and budget.

    Driver Brand: Floodlights usually are installed outdoor, there will always be a lot of complex environments, rain, lightning, and so on, therefore, it is very important to choose a good driver and also a lamp manufacturer.

  • What are flood lights used for?

    A :

    LED floodlights could be used for sports facilities like stadiums, football fields, tennis courts, hockey files. Also led floodlights could be installed for airport, harbor, or high mast projects.

  • What wattage for outdoor flood lights?

    A :

    Wattage for outdoor flood lights from 40W to 1500W, we could choose the suitable power according to the project requirement.