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What Are the Advantages of LED High Bay Lights?

1. The advantages of LED high bay lights

Today, the high-brightness application technology of energy-saving LED high-bay lamps has become the best choice. A good example is that energy-saving LED high-bay lights have the advantage of long life, energy-saving LED high-bay lights have a lifespan of 100,000 hours, while LEDs have a lifespan of only 50,000 hours.

The price of energy efficient LED high bay lights is quite low. In addition, the energy-saving high-bay light has a good advantage, it can start instantly, which is impossible for many lamps. Having better lumen maintenance is another big advantage of energy efficient high bay lights, more than their visually more comfortable color rendering range of 3500 to 5000K lamps, on the other hand LED white lights are more irritating. High range, which results in excessive blue light. This is very important, we need to remember that when outdoors, excessive LED lighting is very dangerous for people, especially drivers.

LED high-bay lights also have some advantages over LEDs, such as energy-saving high-bay lights are more energy-efficient, almost maintenance-free, and have strong shock resistance. These advantages make energy efficient high bay lights a superior choice for lighting over LEDs. Hpwinner has various types of led high bay wholesale for you to choose.

2. Why are LED high bay lights suitable for warehouse use?

LED high bay lights play an important role in indoor lighting. Requirements for it vary by need and industry. As a professional high bay lights manufacturer, we can provide different types of high-quality products for you. A ceiling light is used to light up a room in the house, but it is never used to light the warehouse, which needs high-power ceiling lights to light up every corner of the warehouse. In the field of industrial lighting, high-quality ceiling lamps are always the first choice, because no business wants to buy lamps again and again, constantly wasting the previous batch of lamps.

The lifespan, light decay, and brightness of the lamp are restricted by the lifespan of electrodes and filaments, and cannot reach a higher and more ideal state. Therefore, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, foreign scientists and lighting companies invented and created "electromagnetic induction lamps" and "energy-saving high-bay lamps" without filaments and electrodes.

The invention of "electromagnetic induction lamp" and "energy-saving high-bay lamp" introduced a new concept to the invention and creation of human lighting. The life of the lamp has reached a new height. If the influence of electronic circuits, electronic components and magnetic materials is not considered, the life of the light source can indeed reach more than 100,000 hours, which is a revolutionary technological leap to solve the problem of affecting the life of the lamp. The electromagnetic induction lamp "low-frequency energy-saving high-bay lamp" uses the principle of electromagnetic oscillation activated light-emitting.