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T33 LED Street Light

The wattage range of T33 LED Street Light is 240W.

T33 LED street light with integrated die-casting aluminum is designed for residential areas, overpasses, and alleys. With an IP66 electrical compartment, this range could equip NEMA socket/photocell/shorting cap/ single light controller. It has an excellent performance in luminous efficacy and low light failure. T33 range street light is available in 6 different sizes to offer maximum flexibility and aesthetic coherence for town and city centers.

T33 LED Street Light

Features of T33 LED Street Light

  • Construction

    • Die-cast aluminum housing.

    • Unique patented IP68 (highest protection level) LED light engines.

    • Whole structure heating dissipation design with best thermal conduction and radiation.

    • IP66 rated electrical compartment.

  • Distribution

    Ergonomic and dedicated lighting distributions are available for various roadway applications.

  • Control

    Optional NEMA receptacle & photocell/shorting cap.

Applications of T33 LED Street Light

  • Roadway lighting

(Residential areas, overpasses, alleys…)

  • Public area lighting

(Theme parks, squares, parking lots…)


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