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Adjustment Methods and Types of Lighting Time for LED Street Lights

With the advancement of solar technology, solar street lights are increasingly being used in the construction of new rural areas. Solar street lights have automatic brightness and automatic shutdown, which is generally difficult to directly control the lighting time of solar street lights. In some rural areas, people cannot adjust the lighting and shutdown time as desired due to some festival reasons.

If you want to adjust it yourself, you need the remote control provided by the solar street light manufacturer, which can reset the parameters of the solar street light controller to achieve the purpose of time control. Next, we will tell you about the adjustment methods and types of the brightness time of solar LED street lights.

Adjusting the lighting time of LED street light heads

Before leaving the factory, solar street lights are generally set with reasonable lighting time based on customer needs by computers. The lighting and shutdown time of solar street lights are determined by the solar controller. The solar controller can be manually adjusted and controller adjusted, and can usually be adjusted through an external button.

However, most of the solar LED street lights heads equipped with controllers in the current market are adjusted by remote control. Therefore, if you want to adjust the lighting and shutdown time by yourself, you must use a dedicated remote control.

Adjusting the time of solar LED street light heads also depends on the type of controller, which is generally divided into the following ways:

Time control

Time control is a common adjustment method for solar street lights, which directly sets the lighting time and shutdown time. However, when the seasons change, the lighting and shutdown time needs to be readjusted to avoid the solar street light from not lighting up in time, which is usually more troublesome.

Light control

Light control automatically adjusts the lighting and shutdown time based on the strength of the light, without us having to set the time ourselves or readjust the time based on the season. It automatically shuts off during the day and turns on at night. However, the duration of lighting is difficult to set and often lasts all night. The configuration requirements for solar street lights are high, which leads to a high price of solar street lights.

Time control + light control combination

The combination of time control and light control is a common way to adjust the lighting of solar LED street light heads. It can automatically turn on and off the lights based on the strength of the light in different seasons, and can also adjust the lighting time of the solar street light. The combination is very reasonable and effectively utilizes solar energy, reducing the configuration and price of solar street lights.