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How to Choose the Wattage of LED Street Lights?

Street lamp projects, including urban trunk roads, industrial parks, townships, viaducts and other street lamp renovation projects, how should contractors, enterprises and owners choose the wattage of street lamps?

Generally speaking, when you buy street lamps from street lamp manufacturers, professional technicians will design street lamp renovation plans for you. The technical personnel and salesmen of street lamp manufacturers have rich experience in street lamp engineering application. The following methods are for reference only:

1. LED street light testing area

The test road is 15 meters wide, the street lamp is 10 meters high, the lamp arm is 1 meter at an elevation angle of 10 degrees, and the street lamp is tested on one side; the test area is 15mx30m , considering that the narrower road has low requirements for the lateral light distribution of the street lamp, and provides applications at the same time The data of the area of 12mx30m is for reference and selection of roads of different widths.

2. LED street light test data

The data is the average of three times, and the light decay is calculated according to the results of the first and third times. The time span is 100 days and the lights are normally turned on and off every day.

3. Evaluation of luminous flux, luminous efficiency and illuminance uniformity of LED street lamps

The calculation formula of luminous efficiency is luminous flux divided by input power;

The calculation formula of luminous flux is the average illuminance x area;

The illuminance uniformity is the ratio of the minimum illuminance and the maximum illuminance of the measuring points in the lateral direction of the road.

In the application of street light engineering, how many wattage street lights should be installed on the road should be combined with the actual street light effect. On the same road, the 100W LED street lamps provided by manufacturer A can meet the lighting requirements, while the street lamps provided by manufacturer B may only need 80W or even lower wattage to meet the lighting requirements.

Street lights are important road lighting fixtures. In street light engineering, it is more important to choose a reliable LED street light manufacturer. As a LED street light manufacturer in China, Huapu Yongming obviously pays more attention to the quality and effect of street lights than middlemen.