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What Is the Reason for LED Road Lights Not Turning On?

LED road lights are an important part of urban road lighting. With the development of urbanization, LED road lights are widely used in urban road lighting due to their safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, fast response, and high color rendering index, which is of great significance for energy saving in urban road lighting.

After using LED road lights for a period of time, they may not light up or flicker frequently. So, what are the reasons for LED road lights not lighting up? Here are a few reasons:

Design problems with LED road lights

If the LED road light design is unreasonable, it will lead to overloaded operation, causing excessive load of the LED road lights, reduced insulation capacity of the overheated cable, and grounding short circuit.

Another issue is that the design of the LED road light pole only considers the situation of the pole itself, neglecting the space of the cable head. After the cable head is wrapped, most of the time, even the door cannot be closed properly. Sometimes, the cable length is not enough, and the joint production does not meet the requirements, which will also cause certain faults.

Short circuit in the circuit of the LED road light:

LED road lights are installed by burying the circuit in a pre-embedded pipe underground. If the pre-embedded pipe is not constructed according to the standard requirements and is too thin, when the ground sinks, the circuit is easily pulled and short circuits occur.

Or, the interface of the circuit is not well insulated, and the aluminum content of the wire is relatively low and the wire is relatively hard, resulting in a thin insulation layer. All of these situations may cause short circuits to occur.

The light source of the LED road light:

The quality of the chip used in the light source of the led road street light is poor, and the power supply uses only a simple RC voltage reduction, which will cause the LED chip to age quickly, leading to a short service life. It won't take long before it is damaged, or it will not light up at all.

The power driver of the LED road light fails:

The LED road light power driver adjusts the output voltage continuously to ensure that the current remains constant when the resistance inside the LED bead changes. If the adjustment limit of the power driver is exceeded, it will also cause the LED road light not to light up.

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