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Research and Development Background of Led Street Light

The lamp shell is made of high-strength tempered glass, and the surface is painted or anodized; the lamp body is sealed with tempered glass and silica gel, and the internal epoxy resin is filled with glue; the imported light source with low consumption and high efficiency is used, with high luminous flux and strong color rendering; PMMA optical lens; light source adopts single-chip package LED.

1. The development background of LED street lights

With the transition from industrialization to the information age, the lighting industry has also developed in an orderly manner from electrical appliances to electronic products. The requirement of energy saving is the fuse that first detonated the product iteration. When people realized that the new solid-state light source brought many benefits to the society, the industry developed rapidly! Hpwinner is an excellent lights manufacturer, we have premium wholesale led street lights for you!

However, in the early stage of LED street light application, due to the low light efficiency of the light source, people maintained the brightness by increasing the power to meet the application requirements. It was found that the initial luminous flux of the lighting would decay rapidly.

After research, technicians found that to solve this phenomenon, in addition to effectively improving the light efficiency of the light source, the heat dissipation system should also be improved to make the product structure more in line with the physical characteristics of the semiconductor light source.

It is generally believed that when the light efficiency of the light source has reached 170lm/w or higher lumens, with the advancement of product technology, LED street lighting can be comparable to and surpass that of traditional light sources. As the application conditions become more mature, the industry less often hears the sound of heat dissipation, light decay and other devaluing LED lighting products.

2. Can LED street lighting really be perfect, mature and stable, and can it completely replace traditional light sources?

The director of the Lighting Research Center in Troy, N.Y., said that if paired with an unsuitable optical system, the loss of compact fluorescent lamps would amount to more than 700,000 light output.

Similarly, the blitz of LEDs goes away if you leave the right optics. This suggestion once again reminds lighting practitioners to improve lighting efficiency and improve heat dissipation system. Although it improves the inherent defects of LED lighting and application difficulties to a certain extent, it has not fundamentally solved the problems of high-quality, long-life, stable and reliable high-power lighting products.

Only by further researching the inherent defects of LED lighting and its application can we better solve the problems of high quality, long life, stable and reliable LED street lamps for high-power lighting products.