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HPWINNER Successfully Released LED Roadway Lighting 2.0 And The 4th Generation LED Module At The 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

At the 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Hangzhou HPWINNER Opto Corporation (short as HPWINNER) successfully released LED Roadway Lighting 2.0 and the 4th Generation LED Module.With its latest research and development of LED lighting products, it has once again become the focus of the industry.


At 10:30 am, the domestic launch of HPWINNER LED Roadway Lighting 2.0 (Energy-Storage Roadway Light) was officially held. The low-carbon energy-storage roadway lights - HPDECARREION released this time, with its innovative distributed energy storage mode, has become a new mark for green lighting.


1 Unlimited Innovation, LED Roadway Lighting 2.0 Domestic Debut!


At 10:30 am, the domestic launch ceremony of HPWINNER LED Roadway Lighting 2.0 (Energy-Storage Roadway Light) was officially held. The low-carbon energy storage roadway lights - HPDECARREION released this time, with its innovative distributed energy storage mode, has become a new mark for green lighting.


Led Roadway Lighting 2.0 - HPDECARREION adopts a new distributed energy storage mode: with its own independent energy storage module, at valley time (10p.m.-6a.m., mainly use energy-green electricity with lower price), it turns lights up and charges the battery; at peak time (6p.m.-10p.m., mainly use carbon electricity with higher price), it is powered by the battery and applies "Peak-cutting and Valley-filling" intelligent power consumption strategy to optimize energy use and load demand, thus to realize efficient and sustainable energy management. The above strategy is an example from China's peak-valley time of use electricity policy. In other countries, the strategy can be adjusted according to local real-time electricity pricing. The innovative comprehensive and efficient thermal management technology can help achieve all-round efficient heat dissipation from multiple dimensions. The advanced intelligent drive controller provides overall protection for remote control and efficient power supply. 


LED Roadway lighting 2.0 - Energy storage roadway lights not only make further progress in energy saving, but more importantly, take a leap to the direction of low carbon or even zero carbon. The application of energy storage roadway light could save annual electricity consumption by 77% and reduce electricity costs by 81%.

2 Deep Exploration,the 4th Generation LED module, new technology breakthroughs


At 14:00 in the afternoon, the second launch of HPWINNER- The 4th Generation LED Module Release. The fourth generation LED module is not only another exploration of module technology but also a firm confidence in the future development of the LED lighting industry.


The fourth generation LED module adopts an innovative screw free and snap free design. This design significantly improves the reliability and security of the module; then, the new generation module adopts advanced lens pressing technology, effectively improving the consistency of light distribution. This breakthrough will bring better lighting effects; Once again, the new generation module adopts HPWINNER's independent intellectual property high light efficiency LEDs, and the product system's light efficiency is improved by about 10% again; In addition, in terms of protection, the fourth generation LED modules also have made breakthroughs. The application of the new generation IP68 protection level endows the new product with strong waterproof and dust-proof capabilities, enabling stable operation in harsh environments and providing reliable protection for outdoor applications.


The successful holding of two new products launch is an outstanding manifestation of HPWINNER's commitment to technological innovation. Looking ahead to the future, HPWINNER will continue to maintain the pace of innovative development, actively respond to the national call for new quality productivity, continuously explore and promote the upgrading and transformation of the LED lighting industry, and provide customers with more high-quality, efficient, green, energy-saving, and low-carbon lighting products and services.